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chest of drawers

Louis xvi style


Louis XVI style began around 1774, the beginning of the reign of King. It ends around 1785, shortly before the French Revolution. He rejects both the Louis XV style rock and returns to the rigor of geometric shapes inspired, by the discovery of remains of ancient Herculaneum and Pompeii, near Naples two cities engulfed by the eruption of Vesuvius.

The structure of the furniture changes to rectilinear forms: Forms such strict rectangle, square, round and oval borrowed from neoclassical architecture are reused. The legs of the furniture style incorporates elements including antique fluted foot or the square pillar.

Our furniture Louis XVI style

Below you will find our furniture louis xvi style serial. Well-on, we can provide furniture according to your measurements and with the finish of your choice.

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The dining rooms Louis XVI: The buffets, tables and display cabinets.

Oval table dining room louis xvi half moon sidebord dining room louis xvi dining room with small cabinet louis xvi 4 doors sideboard dining room louis 16 3 doors sideboard dining room louis xvi 2 doors sideboard dining room half moon sideboard with mirror louis xvi

Tables and pier-tables Louis XVI

extensing pier-table louis 16 oval low table louis 16 Small round table louis 16

Louis XVI desks: Double pedestral desk, desk, cylinder desk

Double pedestal desk louis 16 desk louis 16 cylinder desk louis 16

The relaxation area in Louis XVI style furniture

Tv video table louis 16 Bar turning louis 16 Cellar with cigars louis 16

Louis XVI rooms: french beds, bedside tables, chests of drawers and wardrobes

Bedroom louis 16 Bedroom with canopy louis 16 2 doors wardrobe louis 16 3 doors wardrobe louis 16 4 doors wardrobe louis 16 5 doors wardrobe louis 16 Bed with canopy louis 16 Simple Underframe bed louis 16 Simple underframe bed with little bedlegs louis xvi Chest of 5 drawer louis 16 bedside table louis 16 dressing-table louis 16

The Louis XVI chairs: chairs, armchairs, ottomans, bed benches.

Ottoman louis xvi Chairs louis xvi Armchairs louis xvi Bed benches louis xvi